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Do you want your paint brushes to have a long life so that they stay working the best?  I know that paint brushes are not necessarily cheap so it would be more economical to manage and maintain your paint brushes so that they last a very long time and in good working order.  Here are a few very useful tips according to Gill Jennings over at Helium:

Paint Brush Tips

  • Use the paint brush for it’s sole purpose
  • Wash and rinse your paintbrush regularly to avoid any paint build-up.
  • Make sure your own hands our clean before cleaning your paint brushes.
  • Use the proper cleaner for paint
  • Reshape your paint brushes bristles right after a good cleaning.
  • Hang the paint brushes upside down for proper drying or mold and mildew will grow.
  • Put your paintbrush back in the protective sleeve that in originally came in.
  • Store your clean brushes in a paint brush holder.

If you follow these recommendations, your paint brushes will almost always be like new producing the right results every time.

Source: Helium

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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You are about to paint your house but can’t seem to decide which painting tool to use to get the job done.  Which is more effective, a paint roller or a paint brush?  Maybe both?

I have learned that using both gets the job done neatly and effectively because both tools perform in different ways.  Let’s take a look at what a paint brush is mainly used for:

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are used when you want to paint narrow and sharp areas of the wall and ceiling.  A paint roller just simply cannot paint a sharp line because it contains such soft edges.  A paint roller may get the job done much more quickly but will it really look as nice as if you took the time to do detailed areas with a brush.  Bristle brushes are used for home painting projects as they are higher quality.  They tend to be on the little more expensive side but you can’t put a price on quality painting jobs when it comes to your own home. 

Paint Rollers

Paint rollers fortunately do not leave those overlap marks like a paint brush tends to do.  It’s produces nice and even results.  It is mainly used on flat large surfaces, areas that most likely would take longer if you used a paint brush thus leaving those uneven overlap marks.

Realistically, if you are painting large areas within your home like living rooms, great rooms, basements, etc., it is safe to say you will most likely be using both tools to complete a large painting project.