We’re thankful for you!

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Along with you, the staff members at Krystal Klean are taking the time to reflect on the many things they have to be thankful for.

Happy Holidays from everyone at Krystal Klean.

The Morgan family, who own and operate Krystal Klean, are so thankful for their friends, family, employees, partners, vendors and the wonderful community here in Northeast Florida.

The Beaches Chamber helped Krystal Klean get it’s start.

Recently, our own Jeremy Morgan was nominated and selected by the Jacksonville Beaches Chamber as small business leader of the year. The Chamber of Commerce was a huge help to Jeremy and his wife, Claire, when they relocated to Jacksonville in 2001. It means a lot to them to be recognized by their local community.

In fact, the Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in helping Krystal Klean get its start.

Krystal Klean was formed when Jeremy and Claire Morgan set out door-to-door to find window cleaning, painting and pressure washing jobs.

At the suggestion of the Chamber, they started in Queens Harbor, and they cleaned and painted for almost one year there before brother Tony showed up, and the family decided to pursue commercial window cleaning.

With thousands of clean windows and freshly pressure washed and painted buildings to their credit, the family behind Krystal Klean is thankful for their many patrons and excited to continue helping Jacksonville put its best face forward.

We are amazed and thankful to all of the Jacksonville home and business owners who welcomed us and gave us a chance to get started.

Many of you are reading this now and we wanted to use this venue to say ‘thank you!’

Krystal Klean is proud that much of our business comes from repeat jobs from satisfied customers.

Among the first businesses we cleaned was a barbeque restaurant at the Beaches called Sticky Fingers, which was run by Don and Debbie Nicol.

From Left: Don and Debbie Nicol, Jeremy and Claire Morgan and Tony Morgan.


The Nicols used our service in other Sticky Fingers locations for many years, as well. They were one of our first steady business customers.
Today, Don and Debbie are better known as the founders of Taco Lu. Now they are opening a new location and are doing great.

If you have been to Taco Lu, you know that they understand that providing a clean, fun dining environment is important to customers restaurant experience.  Thanks, Don and Debbie, for the years of work for our crews; We wish you well and believe you will do great at the new location just down the road from the original restaurant.

Be sure to check out the new TacoLu right down the street from the original location.

To all of our customers, if you need us to schedule a time to send a crew out to clean, paint or seal any part of your home or business please give us a call.

We tend to get very busy during the holidays and it helps us to be able to plan our crews if you call early.

Scheduling: 904.271.2077

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Tips for removing paint from an aluminum boat

Monday, June 13th, 2011

File:Ayamonte boats.jpg

Image by Marc Ryckaert

If you possess an old aluminum boat and would like to repaint it, most likely you will need to remove old paint first. This can potentially be a messy job.  Here are some easy tips for removing paint from an aluminum boat according to Will Carpenter over at eHow.com.

Tips for paint removal

  • Park your boat on top of a surface such as a tarp or sheet.
  • Purchase a paint stripper to apply to your boat.  After applied, allow to set for up to 15 minutes.
  • Remove the stripper as soon as the 15 minutes is up or less with a water hose.  Be sure to use clean water when completing this task.
  • Use a palm sander to touch up stops that weren’t easily removed. (220 grain sandpaper is recommended)
  • Properly dispose all paint chips, etc. with the sheet or tarp used to catch all of the paint mess.

*Be sure to check out Will’s tips and warnings when it comes to removing paint from your aluminum boat.

These are excellent tips and ones that I will use when we purchase our first boat some day down the road.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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